Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

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The pair-bond relationship between human and dog stretches back hundreds of thousands of years. Our two species have evolved together into domestication, but what is special about dogs over every other species that exists? It seems dogs have one particular social trait that no other animal has. They gaze!

Humans and dogs ability to sustain eye contact releases the hormone oxytocin into the system. This hormone usually regulates our sex drives, but it can be used to create the feeling of love and intimacy. Humans develop social bonds easily though eye contact, and it is a similar bonding relationship we develop with dogs as a parent would with a child.

Researchers from Azabu University in Japan have determined this is a unique interspecies relationship. They found that it is not just humans that oxytocin is produced in. Dogs also experience a rise in oxytocin levels, and…

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Police IG sets up special unit to protect judges, courts

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AIG Solomon Aranse AIG Solomon Aranse

The Inspector-General of Police, Ag. IGP Solomon Arase, has directed Command Commissioners of Police (CPs) to immediately set up Judges Protection Units (JPU) for Judges and courts within their areas of responsibilities. This is in a bid to ensure that the Judiciary has adequate security to carry-out their duties, according to a statement by Force Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Ojukwu.

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The NEW SISEL Business Overview Presentation (Feb ‘15)

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The Illuminati Plan to Fake the Return of Jesus

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NSA Can Access Your Hard Drive While Computer is Turned OFF

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Firmware Malware & NSA Spying Through ‘Equation Group’

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Russian Hackers Planted Malware That Can Shut Down Power Plants, Claims …