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Violent methods: Cops pepper spray elderly man at Berkeley anti-police b…

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Remembrance ceremony held to mark 73rd anniversary of attack

Veterans who survived the Pearl Harbor attack are gathering for the 73rd anniversary of the Japanese bombing that launched the United States into World War II. About 100 Pearl Harbor and World War II survivors are expected to attend Sunday’s ceremony. Many of them arrived well before the sun came up. (AP)

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these people own all the gold and banks with the rothschilds.  can we get some protestors to protest these people for paying our police and our politicians for the last 100 years?

Rolling Stone changes apology on rape story – WYFF Greenville

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WYFF Greenville

Rolling Stone changes apology on rape story
WYFF Greenville
(CNN) —Rolling Stone magazine has revised its apology to readers about an article in which a woman described a gang rape in a University of Virginia campus fraternity house. Rolling Stone changes apology on rape… 1min; Hillary leaning towards later …

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