Day: October 31, 2019

Twitter casts itself as the anti-Facebook

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Twitter’s move to ban political ads is just the latest of several moves by the platform to position itself as an antidote to what critics see as Facebook’s missteps and ethical lapses. Why it matters: The free speech banner Facebook is waving used to be shared by most of the big social media companies.

Source: Twitter casts itself as the anti-Facebook

President Trump and First Lady become permanent Florida residents

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President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump changed their primary residence in September to Palm Beach, Fla., the New York Times reports . Why it matters, per the NYT: “White House officials declined to say why Mr. Trump changed his primary residence, but a person close to the president said the reasons were primarily for tax purposes.” That same person also reportedly told the Times that Trump was “infuriated” by a Manhattan lawsuit that sought the president’s tax returns.

Source: President Trump and First Lady become permanent Florida residents